Our History

Our History

Above is a policy issued by Germania Farmers’ Mutual in 1891.

Incorporated in February of 1878, with the first policy being written in March of 1878.

Initially Germania Mutual only provided fire and lightning coverage.

Back in the 1800’s insurance was difficult, if not impossible for farmers to purchase.

As a result, local farmers got together to form a company that would meet their insurance needs. In those days, each member would sign a “premium note” which showed how much insurance you had and was also the way the company would collect money for the claims it paid out. If there were a claim, each member would be assessed so much money to pay for that claim. The premiums of the many paid for the losses of the few. Later on, some premium was collected ahead of time. If the amount they collected was too much, at the end of the year it would be returned to you. If it was a bad year for claims, the company might need to come back and collect more funds. All members participated in the results for the year.

Premium notes were no longer necessary by the 70’s when the farm mutual’s also formed the Fire Mutual’s Guarantee Fund. This was an agreement by the members to financially guarantee that if any company should get into financial difficulty, then all of the member companies would back that company financially to ensure that the policyholders were protected.

In 1957 a supplemental contract became available insuring wind, falling aircraft, smoke and water damage etc. It was particularly introduced for town and village properties.

  • For a small fee fire brigade service can be added as an endorsement to the policy
  • Some inspection of risks was available as an added service to point out fire hazards

In 1977 windstorm, livestock and machinery floaters and liability coverage became available for the farm properties.

In 2000 the company commenced with writing private passenger automobile insurance.

In 2002 the Germania Mutual wrote just under $6 million in premium, with $5 Million in Surplus and services over 7500 member customers.

Every policyholder is a voting member of the company. The financial goal of the company is to offer a broad range of insurance products at a reasonable cost, while maintaining the financial stability necessary to ensure the long-term strength of the company.

Managers & Secretary Treasurers
Start End Name
1878 1901 George Hopf Secretary Treasurer – Manager
1903 1905 Louis Roedding Secretary Treasurer- Manager
1906 1932 R.H.Fortune – Secretary Treasurer – Manager
1933 1942 Ada B. Fortune – Secretary Treasurer
1933 1946 M.E.Murray – Manager
1942 1945 Harry J. Henderson – Secretary Treasurer
1946 1959 Harry J. Henderson – Manager
1960 1987 Wm. Brusso Secretary Treasurer – Manager
1977 1987 Verna Brusso – assistant Secretary Treasurer
1987 2001 Larry Bieman Secretary Treasurer – Manager
2001 Present Daniel J. Hill Secretary Treasurer – Manager