Germania Mutual offers a wide range of residential coverages to those that own a dwelling, personal property, watercraft or those requiring personal liability.

There are policies that cover practically every situation. Whether you are a homeowner, condominium owner or a tenant, Germania Mutual offers a very attractive package customized to meet your individual needs.


Designed for owner occupied dwellings. This policy protects your dwelling, possessions and personal liability. One premium is paid for the overall coverage. Additional coverage for cottages, boats, outboard motors, jewellery and other valuables may be added for an additional cost.  The first consideration in insuring your dwelling is to establish a proper replacement value. Our sales representatives can help you in establishing this value.


As it’s name implies, is designed for people who live in rented premises. The coverage is similar to that of the Homeowners’ package, with the exception that there is no coverage on the dwelling.


Similar to the tenants package policy which covers furniture and other possessions. The package also provides improvements that the owner of the unit has made to his/her own unit to a maximum limit; assessments payable by unit owners which are made necessary by a direct loss to the collectively-owned condominium property to a maximum limit, and assessments payable by unit owners for liability of the condominium corporation, not otherwise insured, to a maximum limit.

Contact your local Germania Mutual Insurance Broker/Agent for further details on how they can customize a policy for your needs.


Personal liability insurance protects you against losses that may arise out of your legal responsibility for negligent or careless acts to a third party. Both you and the members of your immediate family are covered. Most homeowners, tenants and condominium owners packages include personal liability, at a specified limit, in the package premium.


• Seasonal Homeowners

• Mobile Homeowners

• Bed & Breakfast Package

• Recreational Trailer Package

• Floaters

• Watercraft

• Builders Risk